New Pavement Construction


New Pavement Construction


Advantage Asphalt, a General Engineering Contractor, is equipped to build your pavement structure from below the ground up. From underground trenchwork and utility placement to finish grading, our professional Sacramento paving contractors will use laser technology to shoot grades, ensuring water flows correctly and drainage occurs properly so that your asphalt pavement is protected from the erosive effects of standing and/or running water.

Proper compaction ensures a strong base for the finished asphalt mat. Our paving contractors in Sacramento use compaction equipment on the sub base, baserock, and on each lift of hot asphalt to achieve proper compaction.

Once the site has been adequately prepared for asphalt, that is grades are set and the ground as well as each layer of sub base has been properly compacted, the hot-mix asphalt can be installed. Advantage Asphalt is experienced in roadway and parking lot construction. Our equipment is kept in good working condition and our crews work efficiently to get the job done on time. Quality is most important and dictates the timeline of the job.

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