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PATCH REPAIR : Key Benefits

  • Restores Drivability to Roadway
  • Reduces Liability from Damage and Injury Claims
  • Stops Damage from Spreading

There are various patching procedures performed in the industry today that paving companies have had success in using. The most permanent type of asphalt patch work is what our industry calls R and R – Remove and Replace. Often you will see this term on a proposal. It means to saw, cut, or jackhammer the asphalt in disrepair, remove and haul away the old material, re-compact the sub-base and restore to its original condition, and finally, replace with hot mix asphalt and compact. Patches are appropriate for repairing such distresses as alligator cracking, potholes, failed patches, utility cuts, and various other failures.

Skin patches are an option but not recommended. A skin patch is simply an inch to inch and a half thickness of asphalt laid over the failed area. Budget restrictions may dictate this least expensive repair, but a skin patch is usually considered temporary and is not preferred. There is a reason that the asphalt is failing and the problem will not be corrected by simply applying another layer of asphalt over the area. Failure is imminent as reflective cracking will occur through this skin patch in a matter of time.

Small pot holes may present a trip hazard, requiring immediate attention due to liability (for example, within a parking area). Filling with cold patch asphalt may be a good temporary solution. Cold patch can actually be applied in a wet climate but may or may not last very long depending on conditions. However, it should last long enough to enable a more permanent solution to be implemented.

Advantage Asphalt specializes in asphalt repairs and asphalt maintenance Sacramento. We can address any issue and provide consultation for the most appropriate option. Contact us for additional information and a free estimate.


asphalt overlay


  • Effective and Economical Replacement Method
  • Salvage and Strengthen Disintegrating Surfaces
  • Improves Skid Resistance

When asphalt pavement reaches the point of disintegration, patching is no longer a viable option. An asphalt overlay is the most effective and economical treatment. Rough and/or faulted pavements can often be restored to smoothness, disintegrating pavements can be salvaged and strengthened, and slippery pavements can be made skid resistant with the proper use of asphalt overlays.

Paving a dirt or gravel roadway has a variety of benefits. Contact us for additional information and a free estimate. Advantage asphalt also provides concrete repair.


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